Lyrics By The Poets


O Mistress Mine

Blow Blow, thou Winter Wind

Sigh No More, Ladies

It was a Lover and his Lass

Wedding Song

Willow Song

Pardon, Goddess of the Night


(All the above written for a production of Much Ado About Nothing – though the texts come from several different plays.)



Love (To Extol Thee No 2, also Of Thy Peace No 2))

Virtue (To Extol Thee No 5)



Let Beauty Awake (Under the Wide Sky, No 1)

The Unforgotten (Under the Wide Sky, No 5)

The Infinite Shining Heavens (Under the Wide Sky, No 11)



Short song cycle for soprano and piano (or strings), to religious texts, duration about 11minutes.


  1. A Litany ( Fletcher)
  2. Love (Herbert)
  3. Pied Beauty (Hopkins)
  4. A Hymne to God the Father (Donne)
  5. A Prayer of St Francis of Assisi